Tracey has a beautiful, lyrical style of writing that seems to sweep the reader up into the story’s events. Really wonderful imagery here. Tracey is a true wordsmith and her scenes are stunning and dramatic when required or soft and tender when called for. Visually stimulating for the reader.

Fiona Ingram

The Road To Mecca by Athol Fugard - LITERARY ANALYSIS

Athol Fugard’s play The Road to Mecca takes us on the unique spiritual journey of Miss Helen, an elderly widow who is facing the loss of her independence. Helen has retreated from her conservative surroundings and spent 15 years creating an imaginary Mecca in her garden, transforming her home into a bright, colourful temple. Helen found purpose and meaning in her Mecca and now the town council is urging her to move into a retirement home. She has descended into a deep depression at the possibility of living in a small apartment without her beloved ornaments. In this essay, I discuss what Mecca represents to Helen: a symbol of freedom, of artistic expression, and finally, Mecca as an emblem for a spiritual journey.

Murder Becomes Her - SHORT STORY

Olivia crouched over her typewriter and shifted away an ache in her shoulders. Her fingers hovered over the keys. She glanced at the large red circle on the calendar on the wall, and then, at the blank white page that curled over the top of the roller. Her deadline loomed. Olivia repositioned the paper and impatiently tapped her desk. This was the end of her writing career, she thought. Months had passed and she had nothing to show for it. Hours spent semi submerged in tepid water, staring at the twirling grey and blue fibers of her bathroom ceiling. Days of pacing from the one end of her room to the other. The room was twenty paces, length and width, less if she was particularly upset. She pushed her chair out and walked towards the small window of her apartment. Ten paces.

Can Science Explain The Near Death Experience? - INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING

The last thing Bruna Dessena, a 47-year-old paramedic from Cape Town, remembers after diving into the busy public pool to save her eight-year-old brother; were his panicked hands pushing her head deep under the water as he tried to climb onto her shoulders. Then everything went dark. “I felt an incredible sense of calmness overcome me. The next thing I was above my body, watching people talking. They were worried about me; I watched myself being resuscitated and I heard an older Italian woman calling me, asking me to go with her. We were moving towards a very bright light. I told her I was not ready and looked down on myself again. “

Start a Conversation With Every Tourist - PRESS RELEASE

When travelers talk about their visit to South Africa, their eyes light up and minds wander to a place they can’t quite describe. This is because South Africa is more than a place. It is a feeling. This beautiful country is special. It’s arid and earthy in parts. Colourful and plush in others. Wild and free in the truest sense. From the jaggered koppies that dot the gold landscape to the smallest flower peeking from a crack in a rock. It is the birth place of humanity and still very much in touch with its humble origins. The road tripper will be forever captivated by the scenes that blur past as they drive over our flat, open plains. There are deserts, sub-tropical forests, wet lands, grasslands and bush mountains all within a few hours of each other.

When Rain Clouds Gather by Bessie Head - LITERARY ANALYSIS

Malawian historian and literary critic Paul Zeleza described the Botswana villages as “complex sites of struggle between the forces of good and evil, order and chaos, life and death, tradition and change.” Zeleza wrote that the villages are “mired with poverty and greed, cruelty and callousness, intrigue fear, conformity and apathy.” They are a world where “women are subjugated by men and ordinary people are terrorized by venal chiefs, and strangers are loathed.” In this essay I will discuss whether Zeleza’s statement is an accurate description of the village that is represented in When Rain Clouds Gather.

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